Getting it right

Planning is one step. Taking action is another. Just because your plan is established, it doesn’t mean you areproductive. Now is the momentto get the ball rolling for real. Make strategic choices and surround yourself with mentors to set things in motion.

Once progress is made, routinely reevaluate the work you’ve done to make sure you are on track and aware of fnew opportunities for growth.

But stay flexible so you can adjust your strategy, if need be. Things change all the time. Nothing is set in stone, so surprises—good or bad—are sure to happen.


Incubators and accelerators

Want to bring your project to life? An incubator or accelerator can help you get from point A to point B. Depending on the program, they can help you with accommodation, advisory services and funding in the early stages of your business.

Coaching and mentoring

Surround yourself with champions who will support you along the way.

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