Why are we launching an LGBTQ+ Info page?

  • For people interested in diversity
  • For people who identify as queer or members of the LGBTQ+ community who wish to access support organizations
  • For members of the startup ecosystem in Montréal who wish to implement diversity and inclusion practices  

Collaboration with Queertech

We could not launch this initiative without QueerTech. Founded in 2016, it is the only organization in Montréal that officially works towards surfacing and collecting LGBTQ+ professionals within the local tech industry. QueerTech is a key player developing professional training and useful resources. 



Queertech has developed many useful resources for the queer community in tech. Other organizations work in Canada and worldwide to develop surveys, useful data and gather the community. 

  • A Virtual Career Fair for LGBTQ+: In the context of Qareers, a workforce development program to help the LGBTQ+ comunity break into the tech industry, this event was first organized in April 2021 during the pandemic and another edition is planned in October 2021. https://www.queertech.org/qareers_virtual_fair
  • The QueerTech Talent Network job board. It is regularly updated with postings from key tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Breathe Life, Local Logic.

Among other interesting resources and initiatives developed by Canadian or international organizations: 

  • National Survey Results: The Impact of COVID-19 on the LGBTQI2S Community Egale developed a timely study that highlights the unique impact that the COVID-19 crisis has on Canada’s LGBTQI2S community.
  • The Canadian LGBT + Chamber of Commerce (CCGL) has launched a National Official Rainbow Registered Accreditation Program that aims to help consumers and potential employees more easily identify LGBT +-friendly businesses across the country. To earn the Official Rainbow Accreditation, companies must meet a set of standards in four areas: policy and practice, training, commitment to inclusive leadership, and an inclusive culture. https://www.cglcc.ca/programs/rainbow-registered/
  • OUT for Business- CGLCC : For LGBT+ entrepreneurs aged 18-39 years old in Canada, this initiative brings support and advice to develop their company through pairing with mentors and leaders of the community.
  • Among international communities out there: Lesbians Who Tech is a community of +70,000 women LGBT, non-binary, queer, of colors and allies, active in tech. Out in Tech is an initiative to unify LGBTQ+ people in tech and gathers +40 000 members worldwide. 



  • PrideHacksAugust 5-7, 2021 : PrideHacks is an exciting opportunity to unite talented queer techies to work together towards a worthwhile cause and to help queer-centric nonprofits plan for and look towards a thriving post-pandemic future!
  • QT Connect Café conversations are designed to help tell inspiring stories of queer people who have made waves in the tech industry.


Readings and Podcasts :