Why Montreal?

Why Montreal?

Unique and highly dynamic

Exhilarating, genuine, friendly, perfectly imperfect… Montreal is a flourishing city! booming! Bilingual and multicultural, our city is burgeoning with creativity and talent. Named the Cultural Capital of Canada, Montreal also earned the designation of “City of Design” by UNESCO in 2006.

Ranks #1 in North America for its low operating costs.

What makes Montreal so exceptional?

This unique, vibrant city is home to a remarkable close-knit community of entrepreneurs that will inspire and support you along the way. In Montreal, you will receive the funding you need to start or grow your startup and gain access to many government grants and investment firms.

With a population from all over the world, it’s not surprising that Montreal has cultivated strong ties abroad.

Is located less than 1 hour from the U.S. border.

Bringing together entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, our cityoffers incredible business opportunities. You will have access to several renowned universities and research labs that are rich in talent and enable entrepreneurs like you to be successful.

Montreal’s location is in itself, a huge asset for startups as it’s based near major business centres in North America.

A favourable environment for startups, Montreal has more than 4 million inhabitants (greater metropolitan area).

Montreal is known for its extraordinary lifestyle. The cost of living makes it an irresistible place to establish yourself as an entrepreneur. On foot, by bike or by metro—there are numerous options for getting around the city quickly, effectively and in an environmentally responsible manner. You can build relationships from one end of the city to another in no time! Plus, the food scene is remarkable. From food trucks to gourmet restaurants—there’s no lack of options to mix business with culinary pleasure.

Stay up to date on the ecosystem

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