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Growth Academy

Our growth academy is recruiting its first class of professionals for 2021


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Bonjour Startup Montréal is launching Montréal’s first growth academy, which will officially begin operating in 2021. The aim of this project is to support professionals with skills in marketing, research and development, or product or system design in developing the skills and knowledge they need to take part in the accelerated growth of local businesses.

The market needs talent that has the tools for accelerated growth

Currently, some 200 companies in Quebec are entering or already in a high-growth phase, with the potential to become $1B corporations or have earnings in excess of $100M a year by 2025. To get past this key point in their development, they will need to hire a lot of talent with specific accelerated-growth skills. However, there aren’t many professionals with that kind of know-how in Montréal at this time. Bonjour Startup Montréal’s growth academy project will address this gap in the market by assisting local professionals in developing a career as a growth manager.

See an overview of the content that will be shared by the growth academy

Market Foundation 

Start your go-to-market journey by taking a close look at how your people, processes, technology and collateral are aligned around market development.

Market discovery 

Effectively evaluate all potential customer profiles and go-to-market strategies consistent your Market Development Budget.

Market messaging 

Understand the value that you create for your ICP and follow a framework to effectively communicate that value.

Marketing and sales instrumentation

Build the infrastructure that will enable you to test your hypotheses, capture data and begin to make well-informed market development decisions.

Market Outreach

Generate initial conversations to test, iterate and re-test all of your hypotheses to get the most traction from your Market Development Budget.

Prepare to scale

As you scale your market development activities, continue iterating your go-to-market efforts based on the inflow of market data.

Learn more about scaling and related topics

What is the concept of growth?

The digital growth concept is also associated with technological acceleration, the ability to seize opportunities, and the leadership of such companies, whether they are start-ups, SME scaleups or even large corporations.

What is the role of a growth manager?

A growth manager is a professional with marketing, product development or technical skills (data analyst/developer) who uses data-driven marketing and analysis strategies to maximize a company’s growth.

Find out which Montréal companies are in the accelerated growth phase

They will be revealed shortly!

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